Our Members


All of our Hummingsong choirs, are community choirs and we never forget that word – community – is also the most important. We make the best music that we can, but always make sure that we are having fun and enjoying one another’s company more than anything else. Aside from singing being a great way to make friends and join a community, it’s also been scientifically proven to improve your health and well-being.

Whilst many of our members have dabbled in music all their lives in some capacity, others have embraced singing for the first time by joining one of our choirs. Reading music is not necessary because music can be learned by ear. The choir is open to all adults and experiences. Our choirs are non-auditioned.

We currently have over 400 keen singers across all of our choirs and numbers continuing to grow. The weekly sing has become the high point of the week for many members.

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