• Regarding What Hummingsong means to our members
  • Hummingsong means belonging. It's my weekly dose of sanity!
    - Pippa - Maribella Choir

    Hummingsong is a delightful dance of neurons, my happiness juice for the week.
    - Barb - Ayana Choir

    Hummingsong is home!
    - Prue - Alkira Choir

    Hummingsong has reawakened in me a joy of singing and a sense of belonging to a welcoming and supportive group of women.
    - Kim - Iluka Choir

    When I'm singing, the song and the people around me are the only things that matter.
    - Minna - Alkira

    Community, the joy of singing and acceptance.
    - Darlene - Senisuara Choir

    It's a mindfulness break for me, I have to concentrate so hard on the music that I have to let the “stuff” go.
    - Penny - Senisuara Choir


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